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In his personal life Ramazzotti remains with only few good friends, mostly due to his suspicious personality. Ramazzotti had a poor childhood, he also recalls having a limited source of information at home about everything:
  • As a child growing up, there were no books in my parents' home, no suggestions were ever made how to even have a decent conversation, no guidance was provided in search of oneself. The only source of information that I would get from my father was the inappropriate photos of women. The first thing as a support that I received from my father was a guitar after he recognized my passion for music. Nowadays, I try to self educate myself by purchasing good books which I almost never read because I become lazy after glancing at a football game on TV.
Ramazzotti recalls being extremely shy in the early 1980s before achieving fame:
  • When I went to Milan to further develop my musical skills, I remember being so shy at the time that I would simply get terrified of going to restaurants all by myself, so I would go without eating throughout my time in Milan
Ramazzotti was married to Swiss model/actress Michelle Hunziker from 1998 to 2002, they have a daughter together Aurora born on December 5, 1996. He published a 320-page autobiography on April 13, 2006, co-written by Luca Bianchini.

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